16' Float

Sometimes it seems like it will never stop raining, and that’s when a good float becomes a lifesaver. Sealing the track surface so rain can run across the track instead of into it means shorter delays. The Larcom & Mitchell Super Float does the job quickly and dependably. Built on heavy 3/4″ steel throughout, the massive 8-inch and 4-inch channels minimize flex for a flat finish, pass after pass. The size and weight of the Larcom & Mitchell float packs the surface for better, safer horse racing action when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Larcom & Mitchell’s professional grade track equipment is used by leading NTRA and HTA race tracks worldwide. Made with pride in the USA.

Simply raise the nose for more aggressive compaction.


Heavy Duty Float:
  • 16’ – 92 Teeth 4500 LBS 99-105 HP Tractor
Diamond Harrow Specs:
  • ¾” Steel Plate
  • 11” Steel teeth with carbide tips, adjustable for wear
  • Front and Rear Hydraulics


Optional Front & Rear Rakes:

The front rake smooths out wheel tracks and hoof marks so the float can leave a perfectly flat race track surface. The rear rake leaves a uniform racing surface and can be used to promote faster evaporation. Remove the rear rake to seal the surface in wet conditions