Equestrian Arena Drags

Larcom and Mitchell has a history in the horse racing and equestrian industries. We know how to condition your tracks, arenas and riding halls to the perfect look and feel. Each facility is different and dirt in that area can change the way you want to condition it with equestrian arena drags.

Riding Arena Maintenance Equipment

Horse people tend to be very particular in their likes and dislikes.  You can ask one hundred different horse people their opinion on one product and get almost one hundred different answers. Riding arena footing preferences are a great example of this. Opinions and likes vary from discipline to discipline and even from person to person within each separate discipline.  Footing is the material found on the surface of an engineered riding arena.  English arena riding falls basically into two categories: dressage and hunter/jumpers.  Dressage enthusiasts typically like their footing a bit deeper than the jumpers.  In the western disciplines, footing depths are generally split into two categories: barrel racing and reining.  Here the reiners typically like their footing deeper than barrel racers. Footing depths generally vary between 2 and 5 inches, depending on material type and riding style.

The basic job of footing remains the same for all disciplines. It should cushion the horse’s hooves, and provide Discipline-appropriate traction (which includes the ability of the reining horses to slide). Please give us a call to talk with one of our professionals and let us find you the right equestrian arena drag product and footing for you.