Triangle Drag Harrow


The Larcom and Mitchell 9’ Triangle Drag Harrow is the most economical means to condition your soil surface. The double punched I-beams lock in the hardened teeth which can be adjusted as the teeth wear. Triangle Harrow is available in Aluminum for a light cut and Steel for a deeper cut. One of the original designs used back in 1952, Triangle Harrow is a low cost pull behind drag that continues to find a home on Standardbred tracks. All that is required is to hook the drag to the tractor drawbar and go! The 9ft I Beam Frame has 75 teeth that cut into the racing surface.



  • 9’ Triangle Drag Harrow Steel
  • 9’ Triangle Drag Harrow Aluminum


  • Rugged and extra sturdy steel frame
  • Steel or Aluminum
  • Pulled by provided chains
  • 15 “ hardened teeth that can be driven down as they wear for extended life