Setting the Industry Standard
for over 55 Years

LM Motorsport

LM Motorsport is a division of Larcom & Mitchell, LLC which is the World’s Best Track Conditioning Equipment for Horse Race Tracks. If you have visited a Thoroughbred or a Harness race track here in the United States, you have seen our equipment being used before, during and after the races on the dirt tracks.

Since we are the best at Horse Racing Tracks, many of the same principles apply to prepping your Dirt Race Track for a different “Horse Power”. At LM Motorsports, we understand dirt types and moisture to get the perfect surface to run your dirt race with the least amount of delays.

After leveling the high spots and moving your track material, the LM Motorsport Fast Trak Rake opens the soil with a perfect scuff and gives your dirt race track a perfect surface. You can run the LM Motorsport Fast Trak Rake at 10 mph in-between races to control where your grooves are and provide more excitement for your race fans.