Standardbred Track Conditioner


The Larcom & Mitchell Standardbred Track Conditioner is the perfect choice for consistent Horse Track Maintenance. Heavy duty welded construction has all hydraulic hoses and fittings included. Larcom & Mitchell’s professional grade track equipment is used by the leading HTA race tracks worldwide.

The cutting depth for most standardbred race tracks is 1/8”-1/2’. The 8” inch hardened Tungsten Carbide tipped teeth and easy to replace and adjust with wear and are backed with a 4” welded steel gusset which supports the tooth for added stability. As all Larcom and Mitchell equipment, the cutting depths are easy to adjust and control to the exact preset depths suited for your specific conditions.

Larcom and Mitchell also manufacturers a Heavy Duty Standardbred track conditioner which provides more weight in dealing with wet and icy weather conditions. The Heavy Duty Model includes a 18” roller with longer 11” carbide tipped teeth and 6” gussets. This design allows higher compaction and more aggressive performance where required. This particular unit has been very popular in Canada and the East Coast were inclement weather conditions are often severe.


The Standardbred Track Conditioner has:

  • 10.4” 80 Teeth 2500 LBS 50-60 HP Tractor
  • 12’    96 Teeth 2650 LBS 60-72 HP Tractor

Standardbred Specs:

The Heavy Duty Standardbred Track Conditioner has:

  •  10.4” 80 Teeth 3248 LBS 60-70 HP Tractor
  •  12’    96 Teeth 3540 LBS 72-85 HP Tractor

Heavy Duty Standardbred Specs:

  • 18” Tire/rollers to control depth and raise the unit for transport
  • 11” hardened Tungsten Carbide steel teeth that can be adjusted
  • 6” welded gusset to support tooth for added stability


Level Bar

  • works material back to higher areas, smoothest and finishes.